Mobility Equipment New Zealand

Charity Work

FIMM are always looking to support the excellent work done by New Zealand charities, please contact us on how we can help you.

Who We Serve

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply the best mobility equipment available to individuals, hospitals, care homes, rest homes and other businesses dealing with disability and mobility needs. Whether you need one of our wheelchairs or mobility scooters for personal use, or are looking for large batch quantities to cover your nationwide business we can make it happen.

Employment within FIMM

Here at Freedom in Motion Mobility we are always looking for talented individuals with a passion for the mobility industry. Whether you’re in sales, a mobility equipment technician, or someone just looking for a job that truly makes a difference to people’s lives, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us about current or future job opportunities at FIMM.

About Us

Welcome to Freedom in Motion Mobility, New Zealand’s premier supplier of mobility equipment. At FIMM, we are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life and invest our time and resources to ensure we provide you with only the best quality mobility products. We ensure our mobility equipment is manufactured to the highest standards to guarantee safety, reliability and of course, comfort! We never let a mobility product leave the factory without bearing our logo as a symbol that our mobility equipment will be serving you for many years to come.

We also believe that finance should not hinder your physical freedom. We work hard to give our customers the best price possible and we keep a keen eye on our costs to ensure you receive New Zealand’s best value for money mobility equipment, a statement we standby every day.

Our mobility products are more to us than just part numbers, because they are more than just objects to our customers. Our wheelchairs and mobility scooters play such a vital role in your life – they become an important part of your family, and as one of our first customers said to us:

“I called my chair Betty after my wife, because just like her, my chair is always there to take me were I want to go!”

We liked his idea so much we did the same with all our mobility equipment. We gave our wheelchairs and mobility scooters names based on the inherent qualities we designed them for – we didn’t quite call them Betty, Florence or Mavis – but we have the Workhorse manual wheelchair, and the Dauntless mobility scooter to name a few.

Please take a look at our full range of  manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and feel free to contact us about your needs. We look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with you.

Regain your independence with quality assured mobility equipment from Freedom In Motion Mobility New Zealand.